15/08/2016 ACTS Integrated Inter-Agency Cross-Border Workshop, Sadao, Thailand 15-16 August 2016

Following the first successful ACTS workshop held for the agencies based at the Malaysia-Singapore border on 3-4 August 2016, this second ACTS Integrated Inter-Agency Cross-Border Workshop was held by ARISE in Sadao at the Thailand-Malaysia border on 15-16 August 2016.  The event was supported by the Royal Malaysia Customs Department (RMC) and the Thai Customs Department.  The objectives of the workshop were to finalise the practical cross-border clearance procedures to be adopted by Customs and Government Transport agencies in Malaysia and Thailand under the proposed ASEAN Customs Transit System (ACTS) pilot to be run later in 2016 between Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.  The objective was also to inform all border agencies of what is being planned under the ACTS pilot.  Representatives of the Customs services from Malaysia and Thailand were both present, along with representatives of immigration and transport agencies in Malaysia and Thailand.  The workshop included a number of presentations made by ARISE, the Regional ACTS Project Manager and the ACTS Implementation Team, followed by a site visit to the clearance facilities at Sadao Customs House and Border  Post for trucks departing from Thailand for transit through Malaysia to Singapore.  The preparations that have been made at both sides of the Malaysia-Thailand border will provide a sound basis for the successful implementation of the ACTS Pilot.

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