13/11/2014 Customs Integration

Under this sub-project ARISE will assess key aspects of Customs integration in relation to current ASEAN Strategic Plans of Customs Development (SPCD), priorities and work plans, specifically Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Programme, cargo clearance, self-certification scheme for rules of origin, Customs human resource development and mutual assistance. Risk Management, currently not part of the SPCD, will be included.  ARISE will provide support for the implementation of these key aspects of Customs integration.

Certain key aspects of Customs integration are relevant to the development and operation of the ASEAN Customs Transit Pilot System (ACTS), which is described separately on this website as an Upcoming Activity.  The proposed ACTS Authorised Transit Trader (ATT) programme will reflect the criteria laid down for authorising members of the trading community as Authorised Economic Operators.  Under ACTS, ASEAN Customs Authorities will provide Mutual Assistance to corresponding ASEAN Customs Authorities for the settlement of any claims that may arise for the payment of duties and taxes.  Lastly, ACTS will link to the risk management programmes in operation in ASEAN Member States, to facilitate legitimate trade whilst allowing Customs resources to be concentrated on potential irregularities.


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